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To Nurture a manpower of committed school teachers through enriched formal education, value added training, mentoring for self development which will play a pivotal role in shaping India’s destiny in its classrooms To enhance professional capacities like reding and teaching capabilities for achieving excellence in education.
1) Curriculum: To provide a framework for learning within and beyond the formal curriculum that offers pupils a range of opportunities designed to help them reach excellent standards of attainment and achievement.
2) Teaching: To provide effective teaching that is marked by high, but realistic, expectations, and which promotes a joy in learning that forms a sound foundation for continuing achievement in later life.
3)Meeting Pupils' Needs: To provide challenge and support for learning that are well suited to pupils' individual abilities and needs.
4) Resources: To provide accommodation, resources and facilities that are appropriate to an excellent modern education.
5) Management: To provide effective leadership and management that enables all staff to be aware and responsive to the needs and aspirations of pupils, other staff members, parents and the wider community; and to be successful in pursuing continuous improvement.

1) To prepare dedicated teachers for improvement of the school education system in the state of Maharashtra
2) To make teachers well-equipped to teach at schools in Primary, secondary and Senior Secondary level.
3) To train the teachers so that they are fit on all the fronts, i.e. social, mental, physical, moral, cultural and spiritual.
4) To help them excel in academic as well as other areas of prosperity.
5) To provide opportunities to enhance their competence and knowledge construction abilities in creating positive learning atmosphere in schools.
6) To enable teachers to understand child psychology so that teaching-learning-processes could be designed by themself accordingly.
7) To innovate in educational technology.
8) To adopt and renew the relevant techniques of teaching skill development.
9) To equipe teachers with necessary soft skills and attitude.
10) To create quality oriented updated sensitive students teacher about emerging issues such as environments population gender equality

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